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Body Control


Stunt Fighting


·               6 months stunt fight training under Michael Bornhütter at Movision, Berlin. Trained with group fight scenes, one-on-one brawls, katanas and replica pistols.

·               Workshops with Rainer Werner at Stunt At Work.

·               2 years kung fu classes under stuntman, Kai Fung at Chimosa gym.

·               1 year training under Grant Paige; stunt coordinator of Mad Max movies.




·               18 years active involvement and internationally acclaimed performer.

·               Performed with Cirque du Soleil, CIRCA and at the large sporting ceremonies such as Sydney Olympics 2000, Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006 and Sochi Para-Olympics 2014.

·               Graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts.

·               Aerial acts: Aerial straps, rope, tissue, bungee straps, bungee harness, static harness, double trapeze, static trapeze, aerial square.

·               Floor acts: Handstands, acrobatic crutches, cyr wheel or simple wheel, mini tramp, hard and sprung floor tumbling, partner acrobatics, teeterboard, chinese pole, hoop diving, fitness ball or Pexi ball, three ball, three club juggling, staff manipulation and Trik Stik.




11 years active involvement from age 8-18 Scotland and Australia.


  • Representative of NSW at National Championships 2003 level eight.

  • Silver medal at Australian National 2002 level seven.

  • Member of the Tran-Tasman NSW team against New Zealand 2001 level seven.


Spring Board Diving:


4 years active involvement on 1- and 3-meter boards.


·               Captain of the Knox Grammar School Diving Team 2003.

·               Silver Diving Colours 2003, 2002, 2001. (Silver is the highest level of colours).


Martial Arts


Kung Fu

·               Two years involvement at the Chimosa school in Berlin under stuntman Kai Fung. 2018-2020



·               Four years active involvement in Scotland 1994-1998.

·               Achieved 10th Mon (Green Belt) 1997.



·               1-year active involvement at the PCYC in Hornsby, Sydney 2002.



·               1-year active involvement at Knox Grammar School 2001.






  • Car stunts including roll over, bonnet rolls, getaways, near hits and being thrown from moving vehicles. Training done with Stunt Team Germany and Stunts At Work.

  • Trained in stunt driving by Grant Page, the stunt coordinator of the 1979 Mad Max film series.

  • Hold a German driving licence.

  • Completed Defensive Stage One Driving Course with ‘Ian Luff Motivation Australia’ 22/03/05.

  • Completed Advanced Stage Two Driving Course with ‘Ian Luff Motivation Australia’ 23/03/05.



Motor Bike:

·               Hold an active Australian driver´s license.



·               Hold a Waterways motorboat driver’s licence.



·               Can ride a moped, kite surf, bicycle, skateboard, snowboard and billy-cart.




Scuba Diving:

  • Hold an Open Water Diver’s Certificate Level 1, issued; 21/11/2004


High Diving:

·               Performed pike dives and pin drops off the 10m platform at Homebush Aquatic Centre in Sydney.

·               Completed several cliff jumps from 15 m.


Wakeboarding/ Water Skiing:

·               Three years infrequent involvement.

·               Can competently control wake board or skis, go from one side of the boat to the other and jump the wake.




High Falls 

  • 6 m high falls with Stunt Team Germany to air mattress. (group-jumps, back saulto, head-over and suicide jumps).

  • Wire work with Stunt Team Germany.



  • 4 tandem skydives with The Sydney Skydiving Centre at Picton NSW in 2000 and 2002.


Bungee Jumping:

  • Bungee jumped 4 times in Cairns, New Zealand and Bali.


Rock Climbing/ Abs-Sailing:

  • Indoor and outdoor, belaying, bouldering and using harnesses & rigging gear.




Back And Arms Burn

  • Trained under Stunt Team Germany and Stunt at Work


Fire Staff

  • 5 years-experience with fire staff.

Other Relevant Training


Other Physical Training


·               Break Dancing: 3 years

·               Ballet:3 years

·               Contemporary Dance: 5 years

·               Contact Movement: 10 years

·               Movement Improvisation: 15 years

·               Stage Acting: 21 years

·               Clown and Comedy:13 years

·               Commedia Dell ’Arte: 1 year

·               Mask and Mime: 1 year


Non-physical Training


·               Hold a current intermediate rigging ticket.

·               Trained in arctic wilderness first aid in Nunavut, Northern Canada, 2018.

·               Hold a diploma in Natural Sciences, majoring in Physics, 2018.

·               Achieved a Stage 8 Level Honours Public Speaking Award 2001.

·               Hold a Level one and Level two certificate in Senior First Aid.

·               Initially trained in stage acting and won school the Drama Prize in 2002 and 2003.



TV Experience


Sleeping Dog

Stunt Coordinator, Rainer Werner

Job Description: Holding of firearms.

Time Period: August 2022


Der Greif 

Job description: Played a horned mythical creature in the feature Amazon series.

Time period: October 2021


Italy´s Got Talent

Job description: contestant performing bungee straps and acrobatic crutches.

Time period: July 2018


Das Supertalents

Job description: Contestant performing aerial straps and got through to the final.

Time period: August 2016


Get Your Act Together. 

Job description: Trained famous Welsh rugby player to perform circus and then performed with him on live television show ITV in the UK.

Time period: Nov 2014.



Job description: Stunt doubling for child actor for Sydney television show ‘Snobs’.

Stunt Coordinator: Grant Page.

Time period: November 2002.

Stunts performed: Driving small power boats around Pittwater, Sydney and falling off boat while moving.


Don’t Blame Me

Job description: Stunt doubling for three child actors. Performing Billy cart stunts down the road the hill at Minicara Reservoir in Sydney.

Stunt Coordinator: Grant Page.

Time Period: 15/08/02-19/08/02.

Stunts Performed: driving down twisted hill track, jumping into cart while moving, skidding cart to stop on gravel path in front of cameras.

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