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"YOU seduces and surprizes in a delicate dance between the introspective and the spectacular in this thought provoking and hilarious one-man masterpiece."

YOU is a show about climate change, unanimous action and all the things we have in common.

The experience of watching the show is something akin to watching a TedTalk while driving at 200 km an hour!

James flips, balances and drops from the roof while telling jokes on topics such as environmental activism and how physics can explain the futility of romantic relationships.


Using techniques honed from decades of working with companies like Cirque du Soleil, James now brings a show which which fully combines both his acrobatic and environmental passions.

YOU was inspired by James’ 9-year-old daughter, Mika Lu Kingsford-Wong, who’s fresh perspective on life inspired James to approach scientific and humanitarian issues in whole new ways. After years of studying climate change and physics, James is impassioned to speak about these issues with this new perspective and insight.


Perhaps there are answers to our greatest problems in the simple ways that a small child interprets the difference between ME and YOU .


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