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James Kingsford-Smith is a master of circus. Having performed and reinvented himself for the greatest and most cutting edge contemporary circuses in the world, he has learned a form of physical expression, which is described as “mesmerizing and heart stopping”.James has toured around the world as a professional circus performer, doing shows from Montreal to Macau. He has astounded audiences at international circus competitions, professional arts markets, Olympic Ceremonies and played a lead character in Cirque du Soleil.


James began his training in Gymnastics at the age of 5 and has been home to the stage for the past 15 years. He is trained as an actor, stuntman, high diver, physical comedian, circus instructor, acrobat, a world class aerialist. He is a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts, was one of the original ensemble members for Circa, (Australia’s most innovative circus company) played a lead character in a major Cirque du Soleil production and directed and performed at the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games with Danielle Finzi Pasca.


James’ work is about exploring the vulnerable aspects of human existence, embodying them and then challenging them to their emotional and physical limits.


The BOB Collective Background


The BOB Collective was formed in 2010 when they premiered "Unenlightened & Alone" at the Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh. The show was described as “Mesmerizing… heart-stopping… in the presence of true talent.” **** by The Adelaide Advertiser. From there, the BOB Collective conducted research into the common languages between live music, acrobatic movement and visual art. They produced two work entitled "LINES" and "BOB" in Berlin between 2010 and 2012.


During this period they collaborated with Base Berlin to co-create "The Dummy Lab" which toured through German varieté and Holland. In 2013, the Bob collective produced "in Search of Light" which premiered in Toulouse in the south of France and toured to Blauwekai Theatre in Veghel, Holland. 

The Bob Collective is committed to researching the nature of human experience and plans to continue collaborating with artists from around the world as they create and hone their shows. The Bob Collective will be based in Berlin for the next year but are available for touring opportunities throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.



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