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James: The Handstand Man

This outdoor spectacle gathers the crowds and spreads a positive message of inclusion, silliness and appreciation of everyday miracles. It is a 40-min acrobatic feast where James  (The Handstand Man) brings Cirque du Soleil to the hard streets of wherever you may encounter him!


James’ performance is slick, highly skilled and extremely engaging for the whole family. This street show aims to inspire a sense of belief that anything is possible if only you are willing to pay attention!


The Touring

James has toured the world for the last 17 years from La Strada Festival in Graz to Imberoamericano de Teatro in Bogota.

His current show has been touring for 4 years and has rocked audiences in Berlin, Sydney, Edinburgh Fringe and Switzerland! 

James is able to travel to anywhere in Europe and the UK with his touring van and brings a variety of different acts such as crutches, simple wheel, fitness ball and aerial straps!



The Technique

James has developed a unique technique using acrobatic arm stilts to exemplify his hand standing abilities, using them as dancing tools to create incredibly fluid movements and even break dance!

This technique has been perfected by James over the last 17 years and is hardly practiced by anyone else on the planet! The finale of this act involves extending the stilts to a terrifying 3-metres high and performing a free-standing handstand above the head of the spellbound crowd!  


James’ performance is playful, wholesome and irresistible to walk by!

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